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Cinderella in Egypt by Asim and Bryan!


Look at this amazing movie from Aniyri and Jonathan! Cinderella was never more exciting around the world!!

Wow! Another outstanding movie by Christopher, Yasmeen, and Rachel L.!


Outstanding Cinderella movie by Javier and Nicholas!


Look our newest movie by Emerson, Anthony, and Jason.

Another outstanding Cinderella presentation by Evan and Ethan.

Alina and Kyler created this outstanding movie on a Cinderella story from Africa.

Students are super excited to finish the 9 weeks with a major project. We have spiced up Cinderella projects that have traditionally been completed in fifth grade classrooms, and brought our studies alive by creating book trailers to share our work. Students are using Twitter to contact the author for permission to include their project on their class blog.  We really loved reading Domitila, by Jewell Reinhart Coburn! Domitila is set in Mexico!


Here is one more project to watch by future authors and movie producers!

More above about Cinderella from Korea produced by Annette, Kailey, and Brandon!

And above is a Cinderella story by Maame.

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We are super excited about projects that we have worked on in our class this past month.  Credit to the products created at Digital Divide and Conquer.  Last month we created a party in our class using fractions, many students are now finishing up with building their own cities using tons of geometry skills.  And just now, we started creating a lemonade stand using all of our math skills.  I highly recommend these ideas.  One hundred percent engagement in the classroom.

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Student Learned 3 Student Inherited and Learned Student Inherited Traits 2 Student Inherited Traits Student Learned

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